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<3 ! My New York Song !

4 Days to Detroit

18.February 2014

4 Days to Detroit from ABOUTNOW on Vimeo.

As you might recognized Nico and me went on a roadtrip through the United States in January. The challenge was to drive about 1400 miles from Houston to Detroit in just 4 days. It was a lot of fun and there was nearly no minute we didn’t have a camera in our hands to capture the trip. Although it was quite rough to drive 8 hours a day we still got some nice footage. We really took every second to film and I’m really really looking forward to another opportunity where we have more time for such an amazing project. Anyway it was nice to see the film develop and we definitely went a next step with a professional Voice Over by the amazing Jeremiah Costello ! Thanks to the good guys over at Mercedes Benz for making this happen. We look forward to upcoming projects with you! Read more…

Words by RAKIM

14.February 2014

Mssingno – Skeezers

7.February 2014

Crazy Times! Good Music.

Up Up In The Sky

27.January 2014

dt64com_abovetheclouds (3 von 14)

Even though planes got my second home in the last years I will never loose the fascination for the incredible view onto our beautiful earth. I just love the geometrical shapes, the graphical play, the light, the water, the ice, the clouds. I took these pictures on my last journey through the United States. I have even more videos of these views and I’ll maybe cut them together whenever I will have time someday.  Read more…

Brooklyn Laundry Boredom

26.January 2014

dt64com_laundry_brooklyn (1 von 9)

After 2 weeks on the road through the United States I spent my Saturday night with some nice Puerto Rican women in the Laundry on 5th Ave and Union St in Brooklyn.  Read more…

Brandy & Coke

19.January 2014

I still remember the first UK Garage mixtape I bought back in 2001 when I used to live in Munich at that time. The Rhythms blew me away and after I was a exhausted by the late 90s HipHop it was so fresh to hear these rolling sounds mixed up with RnB and House music. Sadly non of my friends got into it and I couldn’t find any Raves going on over in Germany. So after a while UK Garage and 2Step disappeared more and more and was replaced by it’s harder brother Drum’n'Bass which was more excepted because the cool kids didn’t like RnB vocals on any track! But for me growing up with vocal house I always had a secret passion for UKG and for me it still is the foundation for the music we play in our clubs today.


18.January 2014

dt64com_detroit (1 von 11)

I guess I have never seen a city like Detroit. Away from the Business we have been there for Nico and me where exploring the city and of course couldn’t withstand to go to some places where probably most people wouldn’t set foot in. It’s a city with a big history and a city that got hit like no other! It’s a place where a concept failed and millions of people lost the foundations of their life! At the same time it’s a place to dream of. A chance to grow again and make it better this time. We are curious about the way Detroit will go but we are definitely sure that this wasn’t our last visit!  Read more…

The Field

18.January 2014

We just came home shooting with our friends of Streetetiquette. While hanging in a black Barber Shop somewhere in Brooklyn we watched this amazing documentary about Chicago’s gangs and music scene. Everyone in the shop stopped working and there started an intense discussion about the black kids in the projects. I guess moments like these are the best things while traveling!

USA Tour 2014

5.January 2014

I am off to my USA production tour for the next 3 weeks. LasVegas, Houston, NewOrleans, Nashville, Detroit, Providence, NewYork just to name a few cities we visit. I’m quite excited cause it’s been a while since I traveled this long but I’m sure it will be an awesome experience. As always you can follow the trip on my Travel Tumblr! And mark the 24th of January for my Welcome Back A’MILLION party at LUZIA! Hope to see you all there again! One Love!

Bildschirmfoto 2013-12-29 um 17.34.23

I love these moments when the night is nearly over, the party was celebrated and the atmosphere has a certain intensity like people don’t want the night to end or are afraid of the next day or something. You gather together philosophizing about the future while you recognize the first signs of the dawn outside. I guess it’ s time for the last song. Thanks YeahSara for your expertise, taste and nerdism in good music! Always Inspiring!  Read more…

Nabil for Rick Owens and ID

19.December 2013

“The perfect moment of the perfect night”

NABIL is one of my fav. directors and belongs to the elite of musicvideomakers. Working for James Blake, Kanye West, Frank Ocean and many more you always get surprised with his storytelling and visual. His films don’t just throw out nice pictures but more often disturb your learned aesthetics. And at least this is the border to see him as an artist inside the filmmaking buizz.

Welcome to MIAMI

18.December 2013

Check out some more picture I took at Art Basel Miami before two weeks over at iGNANT! I also shot a little teaser video you can see above! I guess next time I gonna take more than a half day time for that!


“The thoughts in your mind I try to find, but they don’t tell me nothing!”

Get the new amazing “The Physics” Album for free over here! Merci Beaucoup .légid. <3 !


17.December 2013

Bildschirmfoto 2013-12-17 um 09.49.16

I like .legid. !

Being a DJ doesn´t mean just coming to the club having some drinks and play. It´s more like a full time job hunting for fresh new music that gets the crowd pumped and me excited (yeah I get bored quit easily music wise). So I daily scan the usual plattforms for new tracks and listen to exotic foreign radio shows to surprise you on the next gig. So here are 5 of my most inspiring DJ´s and Producers these days.

1. Sweatson Klank


Sweatson Klank aka Tink is an L.A. based producer and DJ kicking out not just fresh new souly tracks but also amazing mixes getting deep on 90s underground Rap or Disco Classix. Just love him for it´s taste and his mixes are All-Times in my Playlists. He´s also part of Project Mooncircle. Nuff said I think!  Read more…

Circle Culture for iGNANT

25.November 2013

Martin Wolf an me went to the new Circle Culture gallery spot in Potsdammer Str. and met Johann Haehling von Lanzenauer for iGNANTv. We hope you like the video!

READ Books!

25.November 2013

Before I went to Brasil for my analog vacation I asked my friends at Facebook if they have any book suggestions for me. I didn´d expect that everyone was so into reading but somehow the status collected 47 comments with your fav. books right now. Thanks for that and I´m happy to share the whole list here with you!

By the way, right now I´m reading “Die Schlafwandler” by Christopher Clark, an amazing interesting book about the backgrounds of how Europe went into the first worldwar.  Read more…

November Fog

23.November 2013

“Virgo: This week, old joys and old problems and old questions are going to return to you, they’re going to pop up like ghosts, like miracles, like colors and tastes you remember from your dreams. It’s weird and scary to relive past days, past selves, past sorrows, but if you’re ready, if you’re willing, this can be a week for changing your course, for diverting the flow of these old feelings, for redoing it all, for building sweet second chances for yourself. Read poems by Bernadette Mayer and don’t even worry, just do what you have to do to make your world right.” via yeahsara

Sofles – Limitless

23.November 2013

I guess this is like the sickest Graff Video I have ever seen.