DT64 Photography

25.July 2014

Up Up In The Sky

27.January 2014

Brooklyn Laundry Boredom

26.January 2014


18.January 2014

Singapore 2011

26.September 2013

This Girl

26.April 2013

Take My Picture

17.March 2013

Mina Two

11.January 2013

Just some more shots of Mina.


11.January 2013

Last November I was invited to travel to the caribbean island of Curacao together with Clemens, Katja and Bonnie. It was a very nice trip and I tried to digg deep in the islands mysteries. See the whole article over at FindingBerlin.

Here are some of my favourite pictures I took over there next to a video we produced and that will be released soon.

My Tumblr Universe

9.January 2013

Fuck. I think you might think that I went crazy and have nothing to do at all. And maybe you’re right and you can call me a digital “Messie” but I love to collect all that stuff I find online. The “Favourite” Button is developed for me!! I swear it’ s the first thing I look out for on your website. When I like something I wanna keep it or at least know where I can find it when I want to see or listen to it again (Spotify – my godess!) And I hate fucking YouTube for deleting Videos I had in my collection! It’ s like a punch in my face!

The worst thing that could happen is that I forget to save something somewhere. And with “saving” I don’t mean downloading. I hate full HardDrives but therefore I love the Cloud! Saving it online and watching, listening or looking at everything you like from everywhere – Best Ever! And – Worst Ever! Fuck they got my Ass! And I already cry me into bed because I know that someday they will charge me for this or shut down their business because of some stupid new laws! OMFG! I have to save everything right now to CD’ s or something! Double BackUp that shit!!

Anyway. Until these dark apocalypse of data I’m glad I can do it and when you may watch TV or something I scroll through my endless libraries of favourites.

So when it comes to collecting the Tumblr is KING! I love it and I always have the T-Tab open to check out the stream. It’s the ultimate timeline of style and I think it influences me more than any advertising could ever do! I know that but I can’ t do anything against it. Today I have about 9 different Tumblr’ s I collect pictures in. Some are very old and some I just released. These are 5 of them:

DT64 – The OG!
DT64 was my first Tumblr and I started it before 2 years. It was an aesthetical experiment to find out which pictures I like and why. It grew and grew and today I use it as a moodboard to describe Photo- and Videoideas to friends and clients. Originally it was inspired by my friends of Haw-Lin but over the time it got it’ s own style and I got interested in the change of my perception. I figured out that over the time I liked less and less pictures in my stream but every picture I blog I would reblog again. I like that. And so it became the most concious Tumblr I have. Nothing is a coincidence.

Gigolos Get Lonely Too.
A couple of years ago I got a gold chain by my friends with a gravure saying Gigolos Get Lonely Too. I know what they wanted to tell me and I know that they do. I think this is the gayest Tumblr I have.

A’MILLION is a partyseries we host in Berlin focusing on Rap and Bass music. The Tumblr ist quite new and I collect shots and videos that relate to the spirit of the partys and our wannabe black side. I already recognized I love gold in this context.

Next to the official FindingBerlin website I started the tumblr to collect shots of Berlin that run through stream. We will use it more in the near future to throw out own snapshots of berlin as well.

The Minimal
The Minimal is just a small project I started because I started stumbling over real minimal pictures with nice colors or transfers. They are like calm oases in the Tumblr Overkill. I also like to see them arranged next to each other.

Alejandro Cartagena catched construction workers in the morning traffic in the mexican city of Monterrey.

The Standard Hotel L.A.

24.April 2012

In front of The Standard Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles last week.

My latest photoseries for Amercian Apparel and Amy&Pink. Thanks Sara, Nico and Marcel. See all pictures here.


28.March 2012


24.February 2012

See some pictures of Stefan and me hanging out in Napoli before a couple of weeks. It was a great time with a lot of intense experiences. You can´t have more Italy down there with all it´s good and bad sides. The whole story you´ll find at Finding Berlin.

Behind the scenes

5.December 2011

Great behind the scenes pics here.

Kunstapotheke Neukölln

5.December 2011

I took some picture at Elisa´s Poetry eve at lovely Kunstapotheke in Weichselstr. for FindingBerlin.


29.November 2011

Great Photo by Nico who took a walk in his new hood over at Finding Berlin.