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11.June 2015

Date Me At The Club

19.November 2013


21.October 2013


12.September 2013

WeBoogie Tonight

1.February 2013

Tonight we’ll have to celebrate! Thirst of all I survived my last weeks illness, thanks to wonderful people around me! Thanks So Much everybody! I couldn’t really do anything than watching all episodes of “House Of Lies” and “Suits” ! Love em both and can’t wait for more!

But what we really celebrate tonight is great music. First we head over to the Kendrick Lamar concert like the rest of Berlin. It’s cool to finally see Kendrick playing live after having half an hour of quality time with him in the interview we did last year. Excited!

After the concert there is just one place to be in the city! And this is WeBoogie with Genys, Slick Shoota, Jay Synflood and Alizzz at Chesters! Leave your confetti and bubbles at home for the other kidz. This is grown up business and one of the most dedicated new crews in town. New Jack Swing, Hip Hop, Boo­gie Funk, House, UK Gar­age, R’n B, Future Soul, Bass and Beats but most import­antly any music spark­ing that Boo­gie Swing. You know how we roll! So come over and meet us on the dancefloor or twerkin in the corner!

A’MILLION Night at Luzia

28.September 2012

Partypeople! I’m proud to tell you that from tonight on we host one evening a month in loveley Luzia Bar in XBerg. We play straight up Bass-Music, Trap, Rap, UK and Rolling Sounds (okay maybe later I play “Show Me Love” as usual). Our new project is called A’MILLION and you should remember the name cause it’ s getting fucking BIG! So see you on the Dancefloor tonight, bring your sisters and get free T-Shirt if you show us what you got! Bounce!

The Morning After

24.September 2012

at Moritz’ place.

We worked hard in the last weeks to Relaunch our baby FindingBerlin and we are happy to invite you to our Relaunch Hangout at the Artconnect Berlin Headquarter on Monday, 23rd of April. Meanwhile get hyped with this little Video I cut together out of old and new material from the last years.

Boiler Room Berlin

6.September 2011

You know we love the urban UK music scene which flows from HipHop via Dubstep over to Garage, Bassline and Funky House. We rollin on that. In the last year Boiler Room became something like the epicenter of these styles and we were more than happy to have the guys from London over here to have their first Boiler Room Berlin party in the basement of old Stattbad Wedding.

We were even more excited to have the chance to take our whole Freunde von Freunden gang (except Timmy who only diggs Ibiza House 😉 ) and film at the party. Until we release our version (pretty much to do right now) you can darken your room, turn up the volume, fullscreen the following videos and rave as there is no tomorrow. You can download all the mixes here.

Ohh and if you look carefully you can see Nico and me working and all the others partying..