My friends of art publisher DRAW A LINE asked me to shoot a making of video for one of their upcoming prints by Berlin based artist OSIF SEIKSUH. The goal was to show the complexity of creating a Lithography in combination with the amazing aesthetics of the old printing machine at TABORPRESSE Berlin.

I got assisted by my man Martin Wolf who helped me in this 2,5 days shoot with the second camera! I still like to see the heaviness of the machine in combination with the final artwork and I think it will help to understand the whole process of Lithography viagra canada.

Draw A Line

18.November 2013

It’s so good to see my friends working on their ideas and I’m proud about every one of them having success with the stuff they love. One of the next projects to keep an artsy eye on is DRAW A LINE, a new project that curates unique and limited art editions which you can buy soon on their new website.

Working together with a network of amazing urban and contemporary artists from around the globe the plattform will make their art available for everyone. I can´t wait for the launch and also picked my first piece already..

I wish you all the best and I´m sure everything will work out fine! If you want to know more about DRAW A LINE watch the trailer above and take a view on their blog over here!