My friends of art publisher DRAW A LINE asked me to shoot a making of video for one of their upcoming prints by Berlin based artist OSIF SEIKSUH. The goal was to show the complexity of creating a Lithography in combination with the amazing aesthetics of the old printing machine at TABORPRESSE Berlin.

I got assisted by my man Martin Wolf who helped me in this 2,5 days shoot with the second camera! I still like to see the heaviness of the machine in combination with the final artwork and I think it will help to understand the whole process of Lithography viagra canada.

My latest film for ABOUTNOW comes (again) from New York, where we met Kiernen Costello of aNYthing to take a closer look behind his brand from the Lower East Side. It was kinda hard to shoot the film because everything was organized very last minute and we just had one day to shoot 9 Interviews all over New York. But with the help of Kiernen and the people around him it was kinda fun in the end.  I like the result for it’s rough pictures and editing but I would have wished, that we would have had more time to digg a little deeper in the New York topic. Maybe next time than! Make sure to jump over to ABOUTNOW to see more pictures by my man Stefan Haehnel! More BEHIND THE SCENES picture after the jump… Read more…

Last year I spend a week in Toronto were Nicolai Nierman and me produced some films for iGNANT and Mercedes Benz. As a little side project we were visiting some interesting people around the city and shot little portraits of them. For our last video we met up with Reilly Hodgson who is running the brand NO FUN PRESS and the Fanzine Blood Of The Young over there. We had a fun day sneaking through Toronto and hang out with the nice guys of his crew. It was basically the perfect situation to shoot a portrait, where you instantly connect to the other person the totally trust you in what you are doing.

In postproduction I wanted the film to break out of the “boring” portrait structures. We wanted to connect the film to the aestehtics of their Fanzine and overall lifestyle and so we broke the linear structure through different kind of songs and the usage of OFF-Footage you normally wouldn’t take in. I like the result and for me it’s still fun to watch the video. Make sure to jump over to their Online-Shop and support Reilly and the Toronto fam. !

ABOUTNOW was asked by NIKE to exclusivly shoot their new F.C. Real Bristol Collection. This imaginery football club was founded 15 years ago by japanese designer Kiyonaga for fun but developed into a little hype over there. Now F viagra france prix.C.R.B. is entering the rest of the world and we are happy to be a part of it.

For the photoshooting at Yorck Studios Berlin I was asked to do a little Making Of. But since I was kinda bored of standing behind the photographer an doubble-grab their frames I decided to experiment a little bit on location and in postproduction. I like the direction the video took and I think there is a lot of space to work on if you think outside the normal 16:9 frame. See all the pictures over at ABOUTNOW or pasted in the streets of Berlin.

You are propably super bored of my New York Posts, but we are really working our asses off everytime we are there! I really can’t sit still in this city. So many opportunities, such an visual impact. In this Episode we visited Kevin from A Shine & Co in Chelsea Street Market. My man Martin came up with the idea and so I left him doing his thing and sat back to get a nice fresh shine on Martins old Desert Boots. Good Job boy! Follow his work here and make sure to hire the kid for you’re next projects! Jump over to ABOUTNOW to see some more pictures!

Another one from our last visit to New York City. We met Osoré Oyagha from Ale Et Ange in New Yorks Garment District to film a little Editorial for ABOUTNOW. I kinda like the whole mood of the film although it was a little Hit & Run since we just had half an hour for the whole shoot!

Bevor a couple of weeks I spend 24h in Spain with my boy Willy of Dressed Like Machines. Since he enjoyed driving the new Mercedes GLA 45 AMG along the amazing Coastline all the way from Malaga to Granada I was busy filming him to produce a little Editorial for ABOUTNOW . It was a Quicky because the schedule was as tight as …. . We exactly had 5 hours to make it in time without knowing the area. I like those challenges but I also recognized that you can’t do a lot. So I came up with idea to start somewhere in the mountains and let Willy drive to the sea (actually it was the other way around ;))Anyway. Nothing big, but I still like the mood of the film and it was fun rolling with the boy.

During one of our last trips to New York we met the bros of Street Etiquette in Brooklyn and spent a day with them hanging out in the city. It was quite special for Martin and me because they took us to some really cool places like their old High School up in the Bronx. Watch the film I edited from this day to check out more and make sure to jump over to Street Etiquette to learn more about the amazing style of Travis & Joshua. See some more pictures of this day after the jump.  Read more…

In March we had the chance to visit Berlin based tailor studio Purwin & Radzun and follow them a little bit in their daily business. I directed the story and filmed together with my man Martin Wolf who is also responsible for the editing. I think it worked out quite well and I like the result and the drive of the film.

VIDEO – 4 Days to Detroit

18.February 2014

4 Days to Detroit from ABOUTNOW on Vimeo.

As you might recognized Nico and me went on a roadtrip through the United States in January. The challenge was to drive about 1400 miles from Houston to Detroit in just 4 days. It was a lot of fun and there was nearly no minute we didn’t have a camera in our hands to capture the trip. Although it was quite rough to drive 8 hours a day we still got some nice footage. We really took every second to film and I’m really really looking forward to another opportunity where we have more time for such an amazing project. Anyway it was nice to see the film develop and we definitely went a next step with a professional Voice Over by the amazing Jeremiah Costello ! Thanks to the good guys over at Mercedes Benz for making this happen. We look forward to upcoming projects with you! Read more…

VIDEO – Welcome to MIAMI

18.December 2013

Check out some more picture I took at Art Basel Miami before two weeks over at iGNANT! I also shot a little teaser video you can see above! I guess next time I gonna take more than a half day time for that!

Some months ago I was asked to shoot a portrait of Julia a.k.a. Sneakerqueen for Baby-G. We wanted to show some snippets of Julias life as a collector and photographer in her hometown Berlin. Actually we wanted to hang outside and capture a more urban environment but somehow we catched the most shitty day of the whole summer and we had to reorganize. So we tried to use every single sunray to pop up the video out of the grey and rainy tristesse.

Find more pictures here.

VIDEO – Toronto 2013

24.September 2013

I never ever shared the videos I did with my bro Nicolai in Toronto a couple of months ago. We’ve been there for 4 days and shot 4 videos together. Mercedes Benz flew us over to testdrive their new S-Class and we made one over all video including the car and 3 individual videos for our iGNANT travel & Work In Progress categories. I hope you like them!

When I look at this film I produced for my favorite fashion girls Sarah and Nike of This Is Jane Wayne and Diesel I instantly wish myself back on this field somewhere outside Berlin. Summer already seems so far away right now, but if I look back it was a good and intense summer with so many memories, lovely stories to tell and new friends I made. Good to catch some of them on film and make them survive even in the cold and rainy autumn.

My man BeeJay ( Monocle Films )and me went to London for Mercedes Benz and had the chance to shoot the new CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake during a night session. Since we just had 2 hours for the shoot we decided to keep it easy and went straight to Shoreditch where we circeled around a couple of blocks and right into London nightlife. It was some fun for me since I brought my Rollerblades to get some moving pictures from outside the car.

Basically my idea was to work with Mercedes’ new light system and put light in the centre of the film. I wanted to work with reflections and the city light mergin into the black car. It was also the first time I worked with new GH4 as you may notice because of the shity picture quality. I def. bring my Mark3 for a nightshot next time! Anyway, I hope you like it.

I’ve been traveling again and it’s quiet fun to bring back some moving memories. I love travel photography with all it’s different aesthetically opportunities compared to your home culture. But moving images are just a different thing where you can transport a certain athmosphere of place in a bigger range.

The task for us always is how we deal with the storyline. Do we focus on a certain location or character or do we produce an overall film? In the first case you’ll have to find some interesting persons who work in front of the camera and can speak at least some english. In the second case you have to collect pictures over pictures. You’ll never know what you will get out of the footage in the end and the process is much more spontanious.

<iframe src="http://player.vimeo acheter viagra″ height=”534″ width=”950″ allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0″>

Here you’ll see 2 examples of the second kind. In the first one – Clemens and me went to the caribbean island of Curacao and in the second film I went to NewYork to do a Recap of the EXPO 1: New York opening in MoMA PS1.

For May 1st I got asked by Luzia Bar in Berlin Kreuzberg to document their Party on Oranienstr. After Sel’s Inside Luzia Videos from the last years it was quit a challenge to follow his footsteps because I always liked the mood he presented in his videos.

Nowadays when you see Event Recaps on every corner of YouTube and Vimeo I really had to think about what a good party recap video makes.. So for me it’s not about technique or equipment. It’s about presenting the feeling that you’ve been part of the event and not just some external filmteam that shots one complete view after another without getting close.

So my deal was to get into the epicentre of the party and get connected with the people. I like the result I got in the end. It’s shows a rough handheld camera work but it supports the authentic dynamic picture. I hope you like it and somehow feel the energy of the party cause thats always the goal.

Kaaboom. Here we go. My second Music Video is online now and it still fits right into our spring-winter wonderland. It is produced for my homeboy Douglas Greed and his first single over at BPitch Control called “This Time”.

The challenge here was the time period we had to shoot the video. The boys had a gig at Watergate Club in Berlin and we just had a couple of hours before the show to work on it. Additionally I had a bad hangover since I hosted our own party series “A’MILLION” the night before at Backyard Club. Believe my excitement to wake up after 3 hours of sleep with a headache just to watch out the window and see a snow blizzard, knowing you’ll have to spend the night outside and do this thing! Big Fun! Read more…

I just found this video I shot of Sarah Farina and Alex Flach last summer for DC Shoes. Editing by Clemens Polozeck. Read more…

One of the things we enjoyed the most in Stockholm was to be able to find some traditional craftmanship and small shops existing besides the mainstream chains. It is amazing to see how the people and the city manage to add a modern twist to old fashioned traditions and translate them into modern life.

One of the best examples is a small shop we found at Nytorgsgatan 38, that is producing candy all by hand and all with deep love and understanding for the elaborated procedure. One of the employees Leyli had many different jobs before, but today she is a candymaker, she says with a canny smile on her face. In the shop, called Pärlans, she and her friends make candy based on a recipe from the 30s and 40s, concentrating rather on quality than quantity. When talking to her customers she had that contagious laugther that you recognize immediately and she seemed so satisfied and happy with what she is doing that it makes you want to come back, if not fot the delicious candy than at least to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere.