23.March 2012



Hello, my name is Marcus. DT64 originally was an east german youth radio channel which was shut down in 1992. I chose this name to link back to my first musical influences in the early 90s. After a while DT64 grew into my creative AlterEgo and now stands as an expression for my work as a DJ, GraffitiWriter, Photo- and Videographer.

I live in Berlin / Germany and there I am part of different projects. My professional part takes place in the media agency SUPERIEST which I found 3 years ago together with Clemens Poloczek.

Beyond that I run the HipHop night A’MILLION together with my friends YeahSara and Nico which takes place once a month in different locations around town. You can find some of my mixes over at my SOUNDCLOUD.

I am also one part of the Finding Berlin Crew. Our goal is to document our city and find out why we love and hate this city so much.

Thanks for taking the time visit this site and stay tuned for some upcoming new projects.

Marcus Werner
Torstr. 138
10119 Berlin

Mail: marcus(at)dt64.com
Tel.: 0177 602 48 79

You can also follow me on FACEBOOK, TUMBLR, TWITTERINSTAGRAM or more likely meet me in real life.

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  1. Mal ne Frage, das Template gefällt mir ganz gut. Wo hast du das her?

  2. Hey Kerstin, das Theme ist free und heisst Imbalance 2 1.0.3 von WPSHOWER . LG

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