It’ s propably no secret that Joy O is one of my most favorite producers ever. So many times it happened that I stood in the middle of the dancefloor and got catched by a smooth but constantly rolling Bassline and I asked myself – who the fuck is this?! It’ s Joy O. Again. And. Again. Even though I don’ t like his new stuff that much anymore he still drops some fresh tracks that catch my attention right away. He’ s just incredible talented and I’m looking forward to his future productions and projects. These are my 5 most favorite Joy O tracks – Don’t forget to turn up the bass!

1. Hyph Mongo

It’s the first track I heard of Joy O and it’s still an All-Timer!

2. Sicko Cell

I think this track was first dropped in a Boiler Room Mix (was it Jamie XX’s ??). Tristan introduced it with: “It’s from an unknown producer from East London”. The hype started. Right after the drop in live session – the kids started discussing who was responsible for this awesome tune. Right away I was sure that this was Joy O’ s signature and after it got official that the song is called Sicko Cell, I liked him even more.

3. Ladywell

It’s the perfect Joy O track. Rolling Sound but with a smooth coolness for the early morning hours in your fav. club.

4. Big Room Tech House DJ Tool Tip

I first heard this tune in George Fitzgeralds set in Horst Kreuzberg before a couple of months. I hate Joy O for not releasing it via one of the major plattforms, so you only get rips to hear! I wanna play this tune!!!!

5. J.Doe

A smoothie that perfectly fits into the post dubstep world. You can hear it as a standalone or drop it as a smoother in between a Bass set.


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Jamie XX – Gosh

8.June 2015

Jamie xx – Gosh (Official Music Video) von B4BollywoodMovies

I’m so looking forward To Jamie’s new album. His latest track Gosh is a fucking KILLER and my new Intro-Track for upcoming sets. Easy, Easy!

I love the new Asap Track. Looking forward to the upcoming album..


26.September 2014


Notorious Hamburg Graffiti Writer OZ sadly passed away last night while painting at the trainline near Hamburg Central Station. OZ was one of the oldest and most known writers in Hamburg and all over Germany. He influenced the face of the city like no other and he will be missed by the whole scene, fans and of course his family and friends. R.I.P. OZ ! Via.

Chet Faker Mix for KLOKE

21.September 2014

Whenever Chet Faker kicks out a new mix, it’s a must hear! I love his curation of tracks in his very own unconventional way. It’s like a history lesson in good music. His new Mix for australian based Shop KLOKE is one of it’s kind and a perfect background for your sunday chillout.


12.September 2014

This is it right now.

UCON x Haw-Lin

11.September 2014

My man Nicolai Niermann did this video for our friends of Haw-Lin who created a new artist collection for Berlin based label UCON. Check out more pictures over at ELECTRU


We are playing some tunes at Thursdays UCON x Haw-Lin artist edition release at VOO Store in Kreuzberg.Come by and say HELLO! Follow A MILLION at Facebook!

My friends of art publisher DRAW A LINE asked me to shoot a making of video for one of their upcoming prints by Berlin based artist OSIF SEIKSUH. The goal was to show the complexity of creating a Lithography in combination with the amazing aesthetics of the old printing machine at TABORPRESSE Berlin.

I got assisted by my man Martin Wolf who helped me in this 2,5 days shoot with the second camera! I still like to see the heaviness of the machine in combination with the final artwork and I think it will help to understand the whole process of Lithography.


14.August 2014


As you may recognized I’m a little bit off since the last weeks. The reason is that I have the opportunity to spend the summer on the beautiful of IBIZA and work on a the biggest project I did so far. Together with my colleague Sylvie and a lovely team around us we walk on the paths of the IBIZA music scene and the developement of the IBIZA club culture since the 70s. On a daily basis we digg deeper and deeper and meet more interesting people from old Hippies in the north to Superstar DJ’s and club owners in the southern parts.

It’s amazing to work under these conditions, exciting to learn so much about the island, see all these special places, meet the most interesting people and of course in the end capture all this on film to show it to the world someday. It’s still a long process and even though we love our daily dip in the evening sea it’s also a lot of work but again and again I realize how glad I am to call this my job.

The picture above shows the CUFF crew in front of their villa in the north of IBIZA. They are great and for me AMIN EDGE & DANCE throw one of the coolest partys at Sankeys every Thursday.

DT64 Photography

25.July 2014


Another Tumblr? Ohhhh yezz! But this one is special. It’s about my own photography only. I don’t know why I didn’t decide to do this earlier next to my snapshot Iphone Travel and pivate tumblrs, but I really already love it! It’s great to scroll through more than 40k pictures in my Lightroom library and find more and more pics I like and present them in this ongoing collage! Make sure to follow me over there and watch out for new pictures on a regular update!