24.February 2012

See some pictures of Stefan and me hanging out in Napoli before a couple of weeks. It was a great time with a lot of intense experiences. You can´t have more Italy down there with all it´s good and bad sides. The whole story you´ll find at Finding Berlin.

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Brooklyn Laundry Boredom

26.January 2014

dt64com_laundry_brooklyn (1 von 9)

After 2 weeks on the road through the United States I spent my Saturday night with some nice Puerto Rican women in the Laundry on 5th Ave and Union St in Brooklyn.  Read more…


18.January 2014

dt64com_detroit (1 von 11)

I guess I have never seen a city like Detroit. Away from the Business we have been there for Nico and me where exploring the city and of course couldn’t withstand to go to some places where probably most people wouldn’t set foot in. It’s a city with a big history and a city that got hit like no other! It’s a place where a concept failed and millions of people lost the foundations of their life! At the same time it’s a place to dream of. A chance to grow again and make it better this time. We are curious about the way Detroit will go but we are definitely sure that this wasn’t our last visit!  Read more…

DT64 at Haw-LIN

12.November 2013

I´m on Haw-Lin Motherfuckaaasz!

I can’t remember for how long I follow the Moodboard. It must been 4 years at least. It soon became a huge inspiration for all of us and you could say getting shown at Haw-Lin is a real honor. I really thought about to submit pictures to them but it always felt like cheating and so I kept calm and waited for them to choose. Now they chose a picture from my Analog Brasil series. It pictures my suitcase right before it gets boarded to bring us back to the mainland from Ilha Grande. I like the picture even though I much more want to know why they chose this one in particular. But whatever – they chose it and I´m happy
:) ))

In this context I also watched the portrait Nico and me shot about Jakob and Nathan two years ago. I still like it. So thanks boys, and you gotta tell me the reason over the next beer. I pay! Cheers.

Brasil Analog

5.November 2013

Yeah – I needed a TimeOut. No Phonerings, No Updates, nothing what you may miss somewhere in town. It wasn’t about exploring new places or getting new inspiration. I much more needed something like a Meditation. Some Place to hide, read and sleep. The only way I truly could experience this kind of time was to say Bye to everything electronic surrounding me and keep it analog for two weeks. I was excited how this experiment will affect me, if I miss something or if I get bored to death?! Nothing of this happend. It was the best thing I could have done and I promise as long as I travel for private reasons I keep my phone on flight mode.

I also left my DSLR at home so I could not have had the chance to get myself into the Frame-Mode and look for the best pictures to capture everywhere. So I just brought my analog Olympus with me and 3 films to snap some pics for the album.

I wanna thank my love Nadine for this amazing holiday and the good times we had! Never laughed that much in years! I miss you already and can’t wait to have you back in Europe some day! I also wanna thank Anton for letting us mess up his amazing apartment in Rio de Janeiro. Check out his amazing artworks over here! If you need some Tips & Tricks for Brasil and some nice spots – just let me know! One Love!  Read more…

Singapore 2011

26.September 2013

Singapore, February 2011


24.September 2013

East River State Park

23.September 2013

East River State Park, New York, 2013

Station To Station for Levis

20.September 2013

You might recognized that it was the 3rd time for me this year going to the United States. This time I got invited by Levis to document the Station To Station Art project for iGNANT. For this happening the brand collaborated with artist Doug Aitken and sent a train from New York to Oakland / San Francisco. We had the chance to take part at the KickOff event in Brooklyn and travel over to Pittsburgh to join the first stop of the train. Read more…

Master Your Heart

16.September 2013


Manhattan Summer 2013

11.September 2013